The Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism has launched a project called “Night at the Museum ” on the whole national territory , which includes the extraordinary opening fee , from 20.00 to 24.00 , some museums , monuments and archaeological sites state of exception, every last Saturday of the month until the end of the year.
Adhere to state museums of Venice, the Accademia Gallery and the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca ‘ d’Oro.
The Gallerie dell’Accademia , besides admiring the museum’s permanent collections , with the same ticket will visit the exhibition ” Leonardo da Vinci, the universal man ‘ , a collection of 52 autograph drawings to which they approach other works who want to express extraordinary importance that Leonardo was able to impress his followers and successors.
At Giorgio Franchetti Gallery at Ca’ D’Oro are two ongoing exhibitions : ” Da Giorgio Franchetti Giorgio Franchetti . Collezionismi to the Ca ‘d’Oro ” – a comprehensive collection of Italian post-war works with the heirs of public museums and Italian in comparison with the collection of antiquities collection of Baron Franchetti senior who donated the Ca’ d’Oro State – and the precious exhibition “Treasures of the Venetian Ghetto ” dedicated to a select group of silver restored the Jewish Community of Venice.

For a full list of events and institutions participating in the initiative in Italy consult the website or contact the toll-free number 800991199 MiBAC