Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May 2021

Create your own Gallery of animals and more!

AnimalMemory and PaintsMemory

Online game-memory for children and families

From 10 am on Saturday, May 15 you can play with the paintings of the Museum.

Here you will find two Memories:

In AnimalMemory there are many animals, all present in the paintings on display: rabbits, hares, peacocks, deer, sparrows, dogs…there’s even a three-headed dog! Find the card with the same animal and collect them all!

In PaintsMemory, on the other hand, some works of art from the Museum are the protagonists of the game: the winner is the one who manages to match the most identical cards!

If you liked it, come visit us in the Museum! You can have fun with your parents with a beautiful treasure hunt to look for (and find) the animals in their place, in the paintings on display in the Gallery!

If you feel like it, you can also look for and show your parents the paintings you found in the PaintsMemory cards!

If you really want to know even better what the Franchetti Gallery at Ca’ d’Oro looks like, you can reconstruct the facade with this puzzle!

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