The Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, on the occasion of the conclusion of the exhibition (30 October) From Donatello to Alessandro Vittoria, 1450 – 1600. 150 years of sculpture in the Republic of Venice –  curated by Toto Bergamo Rossi, director of Venetian Heritage and Claudia Cremonini, director of the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca ‘d’Oro –  is proud to announce the start of a series of restoration and refurbishment works promoted and financed by Venetian Heritage in collaboration with the Veneto Museums Regional Directorate and the support of private donors.

The works, scheduled to begin in December 2022, will allow first the dismantling of the exhibition From Donatello to Alessandro Vittoria, 1450 – 1600, inaugurated last April 22nd on the first floor of the museum (closed from October 31st, 2022). With the conclusion of the show, a complete restyling of the building will begin and it will include the reconstruction of all the internal wall surfaces, the restoration of all the fifteenth-century wooden ceilings, the windows, the loggias, the Venetian-style floors, the creation of new display cases and the updating of the thermo-climatic and lighting system. Furthermore, the works related to the rearrangement of the set-up of the permanent collection, to be more in line with current visitors’ needs, as well as those related to the entrance and service spaces.

In order to keep the museum open to the public, the restoration and maintenance works of the building have been divided into lots: it will start with the interventions on the first piano nobile and then continue with the second floor and the creation of a new entrance to the museum through the expansion of the atrium and the design of a new ticket office including a bookshop and bar.

This general updating of the spaces of Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro is part of a long-term collaboration project between the Veneto Regional Museums Directorate – an emanation of the Ministry of Culture to which the museum belongs –  and the Venetian Heritage foundation, which has already raised 1.5 million euros to complete the first phase of the works.

During the restoration phase, highlights from the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’d’Oro will be on display in The Al Thani Collection museum space at the Hôtel de la Marine, Paris, in the exhibition Ca’ d’Oro: Masterpieces of the Renaissance in Venice (30 November 2022 – 26 March 2023).